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Prompt generation help, please


New member
I entered the following prompt: "Explore the duality of human connection through the striking high quality photographic image of male and female conjoined twins, their bodies fused together at the back in a mesmerizing display."
None of the generated images were co-joined at the back. All the images were of female-female twins co-joined on the side of their body. And not really realistically co-joined, at that. 3 example files are attached. Now, don't get me wrong. The images are marvelous. They just do not happen to be what I want.

How should I improve my prompt to get the desired image??
Thank you!


  • DreamShaper_v7_Explore_the_duality_of_human_connection_through_0.jpg
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  • DreamShaper_v7_Explore_the_duality_of_human_connection_through_2.jpg
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  • DreamShaper_v7_Explore_the_duality_of_human_connection_through_3.jpg
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